[HOT] Pak data..preparing for the worst in case floods come again....

robert colombo robertcolombo at gmail.com
Mon May 21 17:08:46 BST 2012

trying to get all the data i can from Pakistan. Last 2 years have been
catastrophic for the country with 2 floods massively touching the
most polluted data..what about this year?

I would like to have, for the benefit of all, at lest all the base line
data in order to support the country and i'm trying to identify all the
possible sources and possible black sports were data is missing...
Help suggestions ideas...I hope information collected  will not needed but
2 years being flooded is enough, and is the population who suffers at the
end...Let's get ready.

sources of infor
Validate layers
Metadata (year of update)
field data collected

coudl we create a repository?

Robert Colombo Llimona
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