[HOT] Blog post about last weeks Camp Roberts/RELIEF Mapping

Stéphane Henriod s at henriod.info
Wed May 30 15:24:59 BST 2012

Hi Kate,

thanks for this 1st report and looking forward to read the quantitative

Maybe we can use this thread to collect feedback and remarks from the other
mappers as well?

Those are mines, would be happy to read if others have the same view:

   - During the exercise came some questions about the typologies of roads
   (residential vs. tracks vs. path...). During a real emergency we would
   probably want to avoid wasting too much time on explaining to newbies (like
   me) what tag relates to what real-world-feature (and what it looks like on
   the satellite imagery). We also want to minimize the amount of work for
   those who will validate. Ideally, someone with field knowledge of the area
   to map (or with knowledge of a similar area) should develop a "quick
   illustrated typology". This would take the form of a simple table showing:
      - The *key = tag*
      - An example of what such a feature looks like on the satellite
      imagery (because a "residential street" will not look the same
in a refugee
      camp in Eastern Africa, in downtown Miami or in a rural area of
      - A picture of such a feature in the real world

One could develop a wiki page (like this one for
clearly showing what features need to be mapped and how the need to be
mapped and tagged, for a specific contect (humanitarian help) in a specific
location (Eastern Africa in our case).

   - The benefit of digitizing polygons for buildings is obvious but, in a
   huge and dense urban environment, wouldn't it be beneficial to digitize
   only points at the location of the buildings? During an emergency, this
   would probably allow to digitize much more features in a limited timeframe
   (and might be sufficient for many applications)

Those were my 2 cents!

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enough in itself. One thinks that one is going to make a journey, yet soon
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On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 9:58 PM, Kate Chapman <kate at maploser.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> The first blog post discussing our results from last weeks refugee
> camp mapping exercise:
> http://www.disruptivegeo.com/2012/05/imagery-to-the-crowd-early-results/
> I'm still working on the analysis for HOT's blog you'll see it in the
> next day or two.
> -Kate
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