[HOT] Update: Gulu / Lira mapping exercise

pavithran pavithran.s at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 04:43:56 BST 2012

On 4 October 2012 02:51, Banick, Robert <Robert.Banick at redcross.org> wrote:
> A final note (and appeal): Lira still needs a little bit of love,
> particularly in the hut tracing department. As the attached map shows,
> knowing where these huts are an effective rough proxy for any number of
> social vulnerability indicators. Thankfully, Bing just contributed some very
> high resolution imagery which can be used to trace the remaining roads in
> huts in the Lira area. Anyone who has free time and energy to commit to
> mapping the huts of Lira would earn our eternal gratitude. I’ll be pitching
> in to do the same in my free time.

Greetings , you have already got a lot of Huts mapped :) Also some
trees were mapped , most of the building shapes are finished atleast
near the town centre .

I have noticed that there is a slight offset for bing imagery . Can
anyone point me to the exact number ?
I couldn't find anything listed at
or at http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/51


pavithran sakamuri

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