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nicolas chavent nicolas.chavent at hotosm.org
Tue Oct 9 23:04:20 BST 2012

*Hi All,

I am writing to let you know about two decisions taken for the staffing of
the EUROSHA project.

Séverin Mernard has been hired for the EUROSHA Project Lead position for
the next 6 months. Séverin is well known in HOT for his contributions to
the work of the Team in Haiti since Feb 2011, and his recent work as Acting
Project Director. This implies an heavy involvement in the EUROSHA project
since its early stages. We believe that he is the right person to implement
this important project for HOT.

Sebastien Pierrel has been hired for the EUROSHA Project Field Coordinator
position and will be deploying for HOT in Burundi this Fall for 3 weeks to
complete the set up of a team of EUROSHA volunteers. Sebastien is an
experienced OSM mapper with a strong IT background. He is working as a
research engineer for Ericson and is a member of the Ericson Response Team.
Sebastien has been working on the ground with HOT for more than 3 months as
a volunteer the whole summer 2011 in Haiti. Prior to this experience,
Sebastian had been volunteering with GroundTruth in the MapKibera project
(slum mapping in Nairobi/Kenya). We are confident that Sebastien will
successfully lead this deploy in Burundi

I look forward to our continued work together.

Please feel free to email me or reply on list if anyone has any question


Nicolas Chavent
Acting Project Director
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
Mobile (Senegal): +221 77 859 21 38
Mobile (Haiti): +509 4617 3334
Mobile (FRA): +33 (0)6 52 40 78 20
Email: nicolas.chavent at hotosm.org
Skype: c_nicolas
Twitter: nicolas_chavent
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