[HOT] Update: Gulu / Lira mapping exercise

Andrew Buck andrew.r.buck at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 16:58:46 BST 2012


If the pictures have GPS coords in their exif data tags then uploading them
to a site like flickr will allow them to be shown on a map so that the HOT
team can use them to add further information to the map (maybe things you
hadn't thought of like building heights, building construction, other POI
type info, etc).

If the pictures do not have geo-coords, but you have a GPX track from the
time when you were taking them, josm can correlate the timestamps on the
pictures to the time in the GPX track and assign positions to the images.
There is a plugin that you can install to then write these values back to
the image files themselves.

Lastly I'm not 100% sure, but I think you can also manually add position
information in JOSM, too, but I am not sure of this.  Depending on how many
pics you have this may be too much work though.

Also, when you upload the pictures it would be good to put a license like
CC-Zero or CC-BY (but not one with the NC or SA clauses on it) so that the
data can be unambiguously use by OSM mappers even if they do not know the
original circumstances under which the photos were taken.  A single image
could have dozens of peices of information we can add to the DB, and even
aside from that having ground level pictures of the area lets us better
understand how to interpret the aerial imagery.  This is true whether they
are georeferenced or not, but it works better if they are; being able to
see a given feature from both angles helps a lot.

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