[HOT] Taking Gulu down?

Sam Larsen samlarsen1 at yahoo.co.uk
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Glad to hear you have got so much value out of this HOT project.
Are you able to write a blog post summarising the project and HOT involvement similar to the one I have found here:

I would love to circulate a great success story about what we do to GIS & non-GIS savvy people.  I think the level of GIS-speak in the above article is probably about right for the general public.


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>Hey HOT team,
>With the Gulu imagery expired and the city ridiculously well mapped, I think it’s time to take down the Gulu task. As far as I’m concerned, we can declare mission accomplished for Gulu – everything we wanted / needed mapped came through. Again, a million thanks to the volunteers and HOTties who made that possible.
>I can tell that you all have been trying to clear out the clutter on the tasking manager and would like to do my part in that.
>Re: Lira, there’s a little more work to be done. If possible I’d like to keep it up for 2 more weeks to wring out the last drops of mapping goodness. Let me know your thoughts.
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