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Sat Sep 1 06:25:28 BST 2012

On Fri, Aug 31, 2012 at 11:01 PM, David Schmitt <david at black.co.at> wrote:
> On 2012-08-15 21:57, Donald Noble wrote:
>> 1. Highlighting of priority or important areas by a co-ordinator would
>> be nice to have, but not essential.
> Recent TM versions allow non-rectangular Jobs. Within the job a descriptive
> description is usually sufficient. It's not like the city in the center
> could be missed, no?
>> 2. Being able to pick an area, especially next to the one you have
>> already mapped is (IMO) essential, as there may be features that go
>> between them that you have partially mapped in the first task, and
>> would like to continue mapping. Therefore an automated selection
>> process would be counterproductive IMO.
> That is right. Sometimes I let the machine choose, to avoid making a
> decision and sometimes I want to pick a specific, interesting location.
> Re: features crossing the task boundary: I usually complete them in the
> context of my current task, if they do not reach too far into the next task.
>> 3. A multi-stage completion process could be useful. For example, if
>> the most important thing is to map the main roads and residential
>> areas, these could be completed and the square marked as 'level1
>> complete' and you could move on to another area. Once most/all of the
>> areas have the basic items mapped, you (or someone else) could return
>> and add in supplementary data like buildings, footpaths, land use etc.
>> I sometimes feel reticent to mark a square as complete if others are
>> mapping every building but I have not (even if the task is only to add
>> roads and residential areas). The key part of the task is complete,
>> but the area is not fully mapped.
> I often wondered about that too. Most of the recent building trace jobs
> drive me out of my mind because I can't wrap my head around tagging clumps
> of pixels as huts. Then again, I'd probably also be of no use if I just map
> the roads and keep all the fun for myself, leaving others to struggle with
> the buildings.
> I guess that's a loose-loose situation right there.
> On a similar tangent, it would be really great to have a global TM with
> finishing levels which keeps track of up-to-date-ness, complete-ness and
> data fidelity.

Can you please elaborate?

>> 4a. I don't know if it would be possible to set up the task with
>> different sized grids in urban areas. Say for example a 1km grid over
>> the wider area, but with each 1km square split into 4, 9, or 16
>> smaller squares in dense areas?
> Pierre, you're already working on that? Great! would it be possible for
> mappers to dynamically split tasks? or will the admin have to do that?
> Anyways, looking forward to that!

This is already available on the current TM. There's a small button at
the bottom of the task tab when you take one. Each user is allowed to
split tasks. No admin user contribution is required here.
> Best Regards, David
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