[HOT] Check the new hot site!

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Wed Dec 11 13:13:30 UTC 2013

Hi Drazen

I can access http://talk.hotosm.org/mumble/1.
But I cannot login - Message : Login error, unable to login
If I try to register a new account with my existing account, Message -> This pseudo is already used.
If I try to create a new account, it does work, but trying to login, same message as before :  Login error, unable to login


 De : Dražen Odobašić <dodobas at geoinfo.geof.hr>
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Objet : Re: [HOT] Check the new hot site!

On 09.12.2013 19:00, Felix Delattre wrote:
> Dear HOT:
> I think this is my first post to this list, so I should introduce
> myself:  I'm Felix from Germany living in Nicaragua for some years now. 
> I came to HOT as I was invited to speak at SOTM-US in San Francisco
> about our Managua (Nicaragua's capital) mapping effort on transit
> mapping [1]. I attended the BoF on HOT during the conference and Mikel
> asked me to help out with the HOT website, as I'm a Drupal developer for
> work. You are invited to check my website [2] or drupal.org profile [3]
> for more information about my person.
> Lately, I have been working together with Clara on the migration of the
> Drupal 7 port and would like to get things pushed forward. But please
> let me explain my motivation for that:
> IMHO the website is as good as it the actual live site, or even a bit
> better, although there are some open issues. We have not getting
> reported mayor concerns so far for the Drupal 7 port. But we have a
> somehow a little annoying situation: We already migrated content and
> everything from the old site to the new Drupal 7 version. So any new
> content and comments  have to be added manually now to the new website
> (or we would need an automatic workflow which would be quite a lot of
> work). Therefore I spent several hours on migrating newer content and
> comments form the old site, added after the migration work started and I
> would rather prefer to spend work into improving the website and fixing
> bugs, than manual content migration.
> So I would like to ask you to check the new website [4], report problems
> to our issue queue [5] And give Draz(en and the website team (Clara and
> myself) a thumbs up, so we can migrate anytime soon, please.
> Thank you and have an excellent week.
> Felix
> [1]
> http://stateofthemap.us/sunday.html#schedule/sunday/community-mapping-in-nicaragua
> [2] http://felix.delattre.de
> [3] https://drupal.org/user/359937
> [4] http://www.dev.hotosm.org
> [5] https://github.com/hotosm/hotosm/issues?state=open

Hi all,

there are no reasons to hold back the switch, so let's do this in the next
couple of days. Kate already notified the maintainer of openstreetmap.org DNS
that we are going to change the IP address. Once the DNS is changed, it will
fully propagate within 24h. So during those 24h we will have to run both sites
in read-only mode to keep everything in sync.

Are there any other issues that we need to resolve before the switch, like,
email issue - https://github.com/hotosm/hotosm/issues/28 ?

I've noticed that google analytics is missing from the www.dev site...

Other then that, I've already added aliases for 'hot.openstreetmap.org' and
'hot.osm.org' (which has been activated
https://github.com/hotosm/hotosm/issues/26) to the web server, and they should
just work. However I'm not sure if you need to change some aliases on the web site?


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