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Dan S danstowell+osm at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 14:05:03 UTC 2013

Hi -

I think this job (which covers a wide area) includes the areas you're
asking about? (Not 100% clear to me from your email.)

So maybe people can help that way. Note that this job is on the beta server


2013/12/13 Mark Cupitt <markcupitt at gmail.com>

> Hi All
> The P.R.A.Y. team did an aerial recon of some of the affected areas with a
> chopper yesterday. It looks like we may have to use road to deliver a lot
> of the aid. Many areas look quite affected and the military has intel that
> backs that up.
> I have used todays dump from http://labs.geofabrik.de/haiyan/ to overlay
> OSM data over a topo map along with our target areas. (Yaaa QGis) (Sorry
> about the terrible styling, but it will serve the need)
> (Note, we may move further south to the Passi area if we can establisg a
> need there)
> I have been trying to download sat images from
> https://hdds.usgs.gov/hdds2/ to see if there are roads in the area (I
> overlaid the ones I could get) but I am on Smart Bro and they throttle my
> bandwidth.
> I uploaded the my efforts to http://markware.net/pray/ (They are at the
> bottom of the page)
> Is there any way of getting these areas mapped, priority would be access
> roads and locations of villages and any damage noted if it was possible. (
> I see that some of the LandUse Polys are tagged as Typhoon Damage)
> Any advice or help greatly appreciated. My hands are tied with this
> limited bandwidth. I ordered a PLDT DSL Line 6 weeks ago, I am looking at
> the modem but we cannot get them to activate it. It is a mystery to me as
> to why ..
> Regards
> Mark Cupitt
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