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Hi Andrew,
Thanks a lot for your answer !!
First of all, sorry because I haven't mentioned the name of my organization : MSF (Doctors Without Borders). Second of all, it is not an urgent request, it is more a less a first try with OSM. On a long term process, the objective will be to map the District of Rutshuru but for now we are focused on Goma and its area in order to see how it could help us to improve our interventions.
We can legally and ethically share the datas we have (list of health centers or hospitals). As I said one of the teams (the coordination) is based in Goma and go time to time on the field to collect new info. 
I think we are going to start working on it,  your help when you'll have more time is more than welcomed.

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> Stéphanie,
> It is possible we may be able to help out with your work in Goma, but
> you have to keep in mind that our resources are already spread a bit
> thin with the response to typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and the
> ongoing civil war in the Central African Republic as well. The crisis
> in DRC has been something we have been targeting though so we can
> certainly help out, but don't expect a full scale response right away.
> Regarding your request, if you have a list of health facilities that
> may be possible to integrate into OSM but there are two issues that
> occur: one legal, the other technical.
> - From the legal side, we need to know what license your list is under.
> If it is data your organization created yourself then you can easily
> give us permission to bring it into OSM. If it is not your data
> though we would need to find out what the source of the data is, and
> whether they would allow its import into our database.
> On the tecnical side, depending on the structure and format of you
> list it could range from very easy to bring in the data, to impossible
> if we do not have good addressing information to locate the
> facilities. You have to keep in mind that our remote mappers work
> mostly from imagery so we can help out some but may not be able to
> definitively locate things. Having your ground teams who can verify
> things should help with this a lot though. The technical aspects,
> however, are secondary to the licensing issue, if we can't use the
> data due to copyright issues than the point is moot and our
> collaboration with you will just have to basically ignore the list; we
> can still offer assistance but the help must necessarily take a
> different form in this case.
> - -AndrewBuck
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