[HOT] Digital Democracy Haiti Hackathon needs HOT support this weekend

Schuyler Erle schuyler at nocat.net
Fri Feb 1 20:01:43 GMT 2013

Hey team,

Can I get a volunteer or two to provide standby technical support for Digital Democracy's hackathon in Port-au-Prince this weekend?


Digital Democracy, a fellow traveller in humanitarian activities, are hosting a hackathon in PaP to create a map of women's health clinics in Haiti to support victims of sexual violence. Of course they are planning to use OSM as a basemap, and probably Nominatim for search. Several of the hackathon organizers are friends of ours, including Willow Brugh, Emily Jacobi, and Sara-Jayne Farmer.

Is there anyone who is willing to be available on IM or Skype to answer questions during the daytime on Saturday and Sunday Haitian local time (UTC-5)? Extra bonus points for francophones.

Please let me know off-list and I'll put you in touch with the organizers. 



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