[HOT] Digital Democracy Haiti Hackathon needs HOT support this weekend

Jaakko Helleranta.com jaakko at helleranta.com
Fri Feb 1 21:18:11 GMT 2013

Thanks for Schuyler for sending out the email; you beat me to it.

We do have some HOTties "here" (in and near PaP).

I met with the hackathon team yesterday + attended the intl team's meeting at Solutions (=Noula developer) discussing the possibility of the hackathon collaborating with Noula and using it/parts of it and possibly Open Sourcing Noula.

I won't go into details on open sourcing Noula except that since it's been developed with proprietary platforms my non-dev understanding is that it'd be difficult. But that's aside this thread.

I met the core team again today (before packing for Jacmel for the Carneval; .. If I had only known of the hackathon date bit before..).
Brian will is also in Jacmel so the HOT "local international" support is nil, unfortunately.

But Bully and Samuel who have both worked with me over a year are participating and helping out to the best of their ability.

Design/specification related issues not to mention implementation related question would benefit significantly from help from someone who actually knows these things. Jacmel didn't have a good 3G coverage last fall and my and Brian's availability will be limited.

Anyways, as Schuyler noted the core team is planning to use at least the basemap and possibly/probably also Nominatim (at least in some way). Maybe also highlighting certain features like hospitals, police stations, womens' organizations, etc ; some of which are and will be in their private db for security reasons.
Editing the map (osm db) is also in the wishlist but probably at max as a link to editing the current view in the map (a la osm.fr, umap.fluv.io, or something).  

As I'm no developer of any sort my advice to the team was obviously limited (and more related to using/contributing to and understanding the data + things related to contributing to it).

So, help from especially people with dev understanding would be good (once the hackathon team has figured out a bit more what they want to do), as far as I understand.

Cheers from (standstill) traffic jam en rte from PaP,

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