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Sun Feb 3 18:03:36 GMT 2013

Hi Tom

i was wondering yesterday how it could happend with the duplicate roads 
and guess you not downloaded the existing data before from osm.

i corrected it than, no problem

> Thanks for your response. I think the area in question is under
> control now. The validation errors I found were for a road that was
> duplicated between my work and the previous stuff. But once I fixed
> that and maybe one or two other things the sector was clean. Someone
> seems to have backed out most of my overlaid entries already -- I'm
> not sure.
> Anyway, how it happened: I click on the JOSM button and nothing
> happens in JOSM. The web page shows a link to a .osm file, so I do an
> Open Location in the JOSM file menu using that link and get the task
> square in JOSM. That first task, I started mapping from there.
> Naturally I got a big warning when I tried to upload (I don't
> understnad the details), but I had invested an hour or two of work at
> that point and didn't want to throw it away.
> I hadn't looked at the existing Homs map before I started, or I would
> have realized that there was already data to be had. I found that out
> when I brought up the map to check out the results of my work. As a
> result, for the subsequent tasks, I imported the .osm file as above,
> but then proceeded to download from OSM in the JOSM File menu as
> usual, using the task square already there. That worked. The
> downloaded data came in a new layer (plus the GPS trace layer).
> I'm sorry to cause extra effort on someone else's part -- probably the
> very hard-working Divjo.
> Tom Taylor
> On 03/02/2013 12:26 PM, Pierre Béland wrote:
> ...
>> If it is a problem with the data, that you created duplicates, it is
>> possible to import the data again in JOSM and look at any problem. I
>> did it simply for the changeset ID is 14888633.  I browsed this
>> changeset : http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/changeset/14888633
>> Under the image of the zone edited, I selected to edit the zone with
>> JOSM. This imported the data in JOSM for validation. I see that some
>> orphan electric poles without any line connecting them. You can
>> simply correct this by adding the line and saving your result to the
>> OSM database.
>> So I am at your first question were I dont understand what you are
>> trying to do. Are you asking to revert the changeset to comeback to
>> the situation before you saved the result into the OSM database? How
>> do I back out a change?  I dont think that you want to revert your
>> changeset since no data was erased. Since you only added data, it is
>> easy to correct by importing again the zone and correct what was
>> done.
>> regard
>> Pierre Béland Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
>> and Coordinator for Mali and DR Congo Activations
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>>> How do I back out a change? I picked up three tasks for Homs. On
>>> the first one, not understanding the tools properly, I failed to
>>> download existing data from the map and hence ended up duplicating
>>> it in spots. Someone may have come in after me, so I suppose the
>>> choices are to back out my changes with some risk, or go in and
>>> clean it up detail by detail. I'm quite willing to do the latter --
>>> I started to do so with the help of the JOSM validation tool, but
>>> wondered if a complete back-out would be better.
>>> The changeset ID is 14888633.
>>> TomT5454
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