[HOT] Activations : How to respond rapidly in context of incresing workload

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Mon Feb 4 03:34:42 GMT 2013

Below are some thoughts that could be discussed in the next Activation WG meeting.

While we accept more 
humanitarian activations, we have to adapt to the increasing workload 
and keep the capacity to respond rapidly. 

Part of the solution would be to invite other groups to collaborate. My
 feeling is that there is not enough HOT contributors to support a rapid
 intervention for the current three Activations, not to count the others
 to come. At the same time, I think that we have to look at how we 
coordinate to be able to respond rapidly and 
efficiently to support less experienced mappers, to follow mapping 
progress. The coordinators cannot do all of that by themselves.

 think that in the context of these Activations, experienced members 
should accept to take certain responsibilities, remove
 these from the coordinators shoulders. For example, there are various 
tasks to be done such as road network validation and classification, 
Populated places imports, Geolocation of various services. These tasks 
have to be done by experimented contributors. And I dont think that it 
is enough to list such tasks on the Wiki coordination page and wait for 
people to eventually do the job.

As the remote mapping is 
concerned, other then training, we need to follow mapping progress, to 
assure the quality of data and support contributors. I like the concept 
of IRC chat, but I would like to have a system that has functionnality 
similar to what Skype offers (ie. history of discussion, sound 
notification). And we might need eventually a discussion list specific 
to the activations.

Any ideas about this?

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