[HOT] CAR - Orbview imagery for Mobaye

Filip Rosenkranc frosenkranc at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 16:41:12 GMT 2013

Hi all,

In Central African Republic, despite the peace accord, armed groups are
still active. Recently, the city of Mobaye was attacked which led to
population displacement (1).
There is no Bing imagery for Mobaye, however there is one Orbview-3 image
available. It is a bit updated (2005) but still good for the start. Could
somebody please put it on a server for the community?

   - *Entity ID:* 104720
   - *USGS Entity ID:* 3V051014P0000940631A520004500672M_001629698
   - *Coordinates:* 4.405487 , 21.205652
   - *Acquisition Date:* 14-OCT-05

For more information on mapping CAR please check the wiki (2). Help with
remote mapping would be appreciated.
For the Eurosha CAR team

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