[HOT] HOT activation update: Call for assistance with georeferencing place names

Andrew Buck andrew.r.buck at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 18:05:14 GMT 2013

I am not sure what the situation in Syria is.  In Mali I am currently
manually merging in the GNS place names file for the country which has
a name for almost all the populated settlements in the country.  These
place names are not well located (usually within a few hundred meters
of the town but sometimes 2 or 3 km away) so they cannot be directly
imported, but if you trace all the towns in the imagery first and then
compare it to the places file you can figure out what name applies to
what and manually conflate them.  This should ONLY be done by manual
process as there are too many edge cases to properly automate it.  I
would suggest using this as a starting point for syria as well
(although as I said I do not know the status of the data for that
country so take my advice with a grain of salt).


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