[HOT] [Tagging] Tagging 'averaged' paths in rural Mali

Andrew Buck andrew.r.buck at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 15:50:41 GMT 2013

No, mapping one down the middle is all that should be done.  When you
drive a car across the desert it breaks up the crusty surface layer
and the track is visible for years even if only one car drives that
exact route once.  Therefore mapping more than one track does not make
sense.  You are just manually creating a gpx traced of where some guy
drove last year.

The question is not about where to draw the way (as has been described
above) but about what _extra_ tag should be added to tell people that
this road line is not a normal centerline like we normally trace, but
rather an average of one of these dispersed roads.

My suggestion is to use either   dispersed=yes    or
dispersed_road=yes   and maybe the   =no equivalent on the other roads
in the surrounding area to indicate they have been check and are not
dispersed (rather than just not yet surveyed).  Another possibility
might be    braided=yes   or braided_road=yes    taking the name from
a "braided stream" which is a kind of waterway that is similar to
these roads (multiple paths which vary over time).


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