[HOT] Low-cost solutions for meter- or centimeter- precision GPS measurements

Eric Sibert courrier at eric.sibert.fr
Thu Feb 21 10:54:52 GMT 2013

> below a report (unfortunately only in German) about low-cost solutions
> (~500USD) for meter to centimer precision GPS devices.
> This is probably not of huge relevance for most OSM uses but it might still
> be interesting for some of you.

It is of interest. Centimeter precision can help aerial view  
calibration or checking existing sources like Bing, cadastre... Also,  
in countries where WAAS/EGNOS is not available, you will improve the  

GNSS systems are changing a lot presently. Within 2020, we should have  
120 GNSS satellites. Already existing chips working with single L1  
frequency may obtain sub-decimetre accuracy with post-processing.

u-blox NEO-6 is one of them.

NV08C-CSM from Navit is also very promising with multi-constellation.

Retail prices are lower than 50$. You can find prototype for less than  
500$ but one can imagine mass product for much lower prices:


I encourage you look at Michele Bavaro's blog:


Comparison of several chips with typical accuracy of 4 cm:


25 satellites (GPS, Glonass, Galileo) at the same time:


Indeed, I'm dreaming of a GNSS raw data logger with also a 3D  
accelerometer+gyroscop (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11028), USB  
for control and battery charging, and bluetooth for remote control by  
a smartphone.

No one want founding for such a development?  ;-)


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