[HOT] Mali multi-spectral imagery

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Mon Feb 25 07:26:02 UTC 2013

I have put a set of multi-spectral false-colour landsat imagery covering
Mali on my server. 

A preview is available at

This imagery is 15m Landsat imagery taken in 2000 and put into a mosaic by
the USGS. Although I don't have a month, it looks like most of it was taken
in the wet season, perhaps after the waters started to go down.

The URL for JOSM is
{x}/{y}.png and the zoom range is 7,14 The approximate coverage is

This includes the south Niger delta and Mopti.

Because the area is not generally very cloudy there is a *lot* of landsat
imagery available. It would require some processing to make any available
(pan-sharpening, combining bands, etc) but if there was enough interest I
could do so.

More recent imagery is problematic because of a failed component on Landsat7
which leads to gaps in the imagery, making stitching it together harder.

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