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In three weeks, rebels from the Séléka coalition, coming from the Northern
parts of Central African Republic, have taken over a large numbers of the
cities in the direction of the capital, Bangui.
the situation five days ago, then
Sibut <http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=5.81&lon=18.98&zoom=8&layers=M>has
also been taken over, so the rebellion becomes really close from
Bangui. Political negotiations have started, but what will be the future
there is currently completely unsure.

To get information on the political situation there, you can follow the
local journaldebangui.com
<http://journaldebangui.com/depeches.php?t=0#6381>or Radio
France Internationale
<http://www.rfi.fr/search/sinequa_search/centrafrique>(in French), or
Reuters <http://www.reuters.com/places/africa>.

So far, from the medias and also the stakeholders we know in the field, the
population would not have endured too much violence but many people have
been scared and flew in the outskirts of the surrendered cities.

As you know, Centrafrica is one of the countries involved in the
Eurosha<http://hot.openstreetmap.org/projects/eurosha_0>project. The
volunteers have done a great job, creating a lot of data based
on the Bing imagery, especially over Bangui, promoting the OSM (and also
Sahana Eden) platform to all the differents kinds of stakeholders (local
government, authorities and NGOs, academics, international NGOs, UN system)
and starting to train some of them with me when I was on their side first
half of December. They had to leave the country for the security reasons at
the end of last week, and now, as they are safe in Yaoundé, we can start
the pre-activation, focusing on the Areas of Interest they got from the
local stakeholders and their analysis of the existing Bing Imagery.

* Good imagery and high priority, for which Tasking Manager jobs have been

Bria <http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/134> (2011_12_22): partly mapped (around
70 %), several hours left to finish

already mapped by the team during the last weeks, so mo
Tasking Manager job, but some additions can be made in the outskirts,
especially along the Eastern main road

Kaga – Bandoro <http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/136> (2012_06_15): partly
mapped (around 70 %), part of the center missing, around 2 hours left to

Batangafo <http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/138> (2012_11): partly mapped
(around 70 %), some buildings and smaller roads missing, around 2 hours
left to finish

Kabo <http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/139>(2012_11_04): partly mapped (around
70 %)

* Bad imagery, high priority

Bambari is not covered by high res Bing imagery but there are 2 Orbview-3
images covering it, a bit old but that would be a good start though :

Entity ID: 82956

USGS Entity ID: 3V060220P0001102171A520000100212M_001620935

Coordinates: 5.896901 , 20.665999

Acquisition Date: 20-FEB-06

Entity ID: 82958

USGS Entity ID: 3V060220P0001102171A520002100422M_001620935

Coordinates: 5.679683 , 20.666007

Acquisition Date: 20-FEB-06

Would someone be interested to put them on a server for the community?

Sibut is unfortunately not covered neither by high res Bing nor Orbview-3

* Good Imagery, lower priority, so Tasking manager jobs will be created
only once the first ones completed

 Ippy – with a few clouds (hiding around 1/10 of buildings): partly mapped
(around 70 %), 2 hours to finish

Birao (2011_1_31)

Bamingui (2012): already mapped by the team during the last weeks

Mbrès (2012_04_14): already mapped by the team during the last weeks

Ouadda (2011_12_11): started, just a few houses done

Ouanda Djallé (2011_12_11): already mapped by the team during the last weeks

* Bad imagery, lower priority


Thank you for your support.


Severin *
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