[HOT] Black Forest Fire Update June 14, 2013

Russell Deffner russdeffner at gmail.com
Sat Jun 15 02:45:35 UTC 2013

Another huge - Thank You - to all who have (and continue/will have) helped
map the Black Forest Fire!


The fire is not out, but the situation is improving.  At this point efforts
should be coordinated through the wiki [1] and unless things make a major
change for the worse, I'll stop filling your inboxes with updates.  Also,
I'll only repeat one thing from the wiki in this message, and that is...


The Safety Message:

This is a remote mapping event only!  The area directly impacted by the fire
is currently evacuated and many other voluntary, pre, or other 'sub'
evacuation orders are in place.  Attempting to enter the area is not advised
until well after the fire is completely out and life has returned to the
'new normal'.  There is plenty of beneficial mapping that can be done


This is not because I worry too much that you'll burn up out there, but that
the situation is still dynamic and dangerous in the area.  Just today there
was reports of a traffic accident where a civilian driving on Highway 24,
where they are allowed (and probably not doing anything illegal), did not
see an emergency vehicle with lights (and maybe sirens, I'm not sure) and
was struck at an intersection.


Lastly, I will be less (to not) available after tonight for
mapping/coordinating for roughly the next week; but so far no real
coordination has been necessary.  If/when imagery becomes available, please
document/discuss/etc. on wiki how to use/etc.




russdeffner at gmail.com

russdeffner on OSM


1. Black Forest Fire Coordination Wiki:

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