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Interesting. We're using 3G keys in Bhaktapur, Nepal. They alternately are pretty good and utterly terrible, depending on the time of day and luck of the draw. As long as the internet is working at all iD syncs very fast. But I understand Limonade is a quite different context.

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At the university of Limonade in Haiti, all the university campus used 3G keys to access internet and had to share a more or less 10 gig connection (at bes) provided by the tower close to the university. At some points in the day the bandwith was significatively reduced.  Students were trying to save JOSM edits after every building they traced. And then, for less then 100k edit, it tooks minutes for the action to be completed.

Since Will tried later ID in the same context, it would be interesting to see how ID reacted with low bandwith.  Will, did you also experiment such internet connection problems and then how it was with ID as compared to JOSM?


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> Hi Robert/All,
> I wanted to mention we'll be using iD as well for the mapping begin this
> week in Haiphong. It is currently the only OSM editor with decent
> Vietnamese support. I'm a bit concerned about conflicts during our
> training, but intend to use the Tasking Manager to try to avoid that.

Because iD discards all of its data on save and reloads new data from the
API if you have your users save frequently it will also get them refreshing
their local data frequently, significantly cutting down on conflicts.

If you're in a limited bandwidth situation I wouldn't worry about the
bandwidth usage because the map data comes compressed and even when loading
a dense urban area only about 25% of the bandwidth is used for map data, the
remainder mainly being used by aerial imagery.

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