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Kate Chapman kate at maploser.com
Fri Oct 11 03:39:31 UTC 2013

Hi Florence,

Certainly HOT can be of assistance in this way. We have online
resources such as LearnOSM to get people started: http://learnosm.org/

We also have a network of community mobilizers and trainers that can
potentially assist with workshops as well. For example in Uganda there
is already a well developed OpenStreetMap community that may be of
assistance (at least a few of them read this list as well).

What is your timeframe for starting OSM related training.



On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 4:57 PM, Florence Devouard <anthere at anthere.org> wrote:
> Hello far away peers,
> This email is to present a new project and ask for support from you guys :)
> Several people suggested that I join this list for this.
> My name is Florence Devouard. Woman of 45. Living in France (Marseille).
> Been involved in Wikipedia for 11 years, under many different roles
> (was chair of the board of Wikimedia Foundation after Jimmy Wales.
> Co-funded Wikimedia France. And well, many other things).
> I currently work with Isla Haddow Flood from South Africa.
> We designed a project called Kumusha Takes Wiki and got some funding from
> Orange Fondation to start it.
> You'll find a presentation of it
> here:https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Kumusha_Takes_Wiki
> To make it short, we are going to hire "Wikipedians in Residence" for about
> one year. Each of them will be hosted in a different country (right now,
> specifically looking for Uganda and Ivory Coast). Their goal will be to
> activate communities to create and contribute freely-licensed information,
> texts, images and media about their communities (villages, townships,
> suburbs, inner cities, etc). Part of their activity will be to organize
> local events during which people will discover open knowledge, Wikimedia
> projects and OpenStreetMap project and be invited to participate of course.
> Looking for the right people to be our WiR should occur ... very soon.
> Once the WiR are hired, they will receive several weeks training in Africa
> Centre in SA (that shall be this fall). After that time, they will go to the
> chosen countries (Uganda and Ivory Coast), and implement the plan.
> In terms of practical competencies, the WiR will need to know the basics
> about OSM (what is it, what is for, benefits etc. no need to enter in big
> technical details), will need to know how to organize mapping parties, and
> will need to know how to inject information back into the project. Ideally,
> they should become trainers themselves so that a couple of people in the
> chosen countries can themselves become organizers of mapping parties.
> If they are so gifted they can help crafting maps from the data. But I would
> not see this as a mandatory point.
> We need to find a way to get them acquire these competencies. At best, an
> informed OSM person will come to Africa Centre and train them. At worse, if
> we identify online resources that could summarize what they need to know
> with regards to the basics (I'm sure there is such thing), we'll manage this
> way; but they would still need to acquire the practical skills (and usually,
> a good way to do that is to participate to mapping parties and see how it is
> done...).
> In any cases, we are looking for solutions to help them get started :)
> And right now, neither Isla nor I are very knowledgeable on that topic...
> Can you help ?
> Best
> Florence
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