[HOT] New Report by John Crowley, Connecting Grassroots and Government for Disaster Management

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Fri Oct 11 21:30:26 UTC 2013

The Commons Lab will be publicly releasing a new report by John Crowley on
Monday, Oct 14. This report, which explores the interface between the crowd
and formal response organizations in the United States, is a companion to
the workshop report released last month.

*Connecting Grassroots and Government for Disaster Management: *

*Connecting Grassroots  Government for Disaster Management Workshop*

*Commons Lab of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars*

By harnessing the collective power of citizens and engaging communities in
their own response and recovery, new technologies and methods, like social
media, crowdsourcing, and "crowd-mapping," have the potential to transform
disaster management. Yet many challenges -- including characterization of
reliability, guidelines for use, and demonstration of value -- must be
addressed before federal agencies can take full advantage of these
approaches. Early uses of social media and crowdsourcing methods in
disasters have raised a number of questions: Can citizens generate inputs
to critical decisions faster and perhaps more accurately than traditional
methods? What is the research telling us, and how are the best ideas being
translated into practice? How have agencies successfully navigated
potential roadblocks to the use of citizen-generated information, such as
privacy and procurement or the Paperwork Reduction Act? When and how is it
possible to innovate through open and participatory design with citizens
and communities? This workshop brought together members of the research,
practitioner, policy, and "digital volunteer" communities to discuss the
questions posed above and expand the list at the Woodrow Wilson Center. The
objectives are to build a community of interest, prioritize key issues, and
identify possible solutions.

*Workshop Summary Report by Ryan Burns and Lea Shanley:*
http://bit.ly/17nEub <http://bit.ly/17nEubU>

*Workshop Session Videos Playlist:* http://bit.ly/1hGn6S9

*Workshop Short Video Podcast Playlist:* http://bit.ly/1g3WUW7

  - Kris Erickson on social media and emergency manager info needs
  - Laurie Van Leuven on social media and local community info needs
  - Michael Goodchild on social media, crowdmapping and research challenges
  - Eric Rasmussen on the intersection of  research and operations
  - Kate Starbird on social media and digital volunteer management
  - Will McClintock on making technology usable by the whole community
  - A. Riley Eller on social media and cybersecurity
  - BK DeLong on social media and cybersecurity
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