[HOT] You are invited to the HOT Annual Meeting

Russell Deffner russell.deffner at hotosm.org
Tue Apr 1 17:06:58 UTC 2014

Dear HOT(ties),


I invite you to attend the re-convention of the HOT Voting Membership at our
2014 Annual Meeting this Friday, April 4th.  For details (and announcements
and notes of other HOT meetings) please visit:
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Humanitarian_OSM_Team/Meetings.  I hope
all our voting community is able to make it (contact me directly if you are
a member and need assistance).  But all are welcome to 'view' our Open Door
session; probably nothing nearly as exciting (or rewarding) as the work you
are all currently doing on HOT projects; but if you are interested please





Russell Deffner

Chairperson for the Voting Members

Russell.Deffner at hotosm.org

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team




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