[HOT] Spot-6 images of Guinée / Northern Liberia available, job 489

Michael Judex m.judex at gmx.de
Mon Apr 7 18:36:18 UTC 2014

Hi Jean-Guilhem, thanks for the explanations and the helpful link! As 
always there are a lot of treasures you only need to know where to 
look... (but not easy to find the layers list with my limited knowledge 
of French...) Allow me a wish: to see such meta-information on the wiki 
page of an activation in an webmap (but cant do that by my own).


Am 05.04.2014 22:17, schrieb Jean-Guilhem Cailton:
> A better answer to your question : on VISOV's Umap used to track news 
> about the Ebola outbreak, boundaries for high resolution imagery 
> layers can be switched on and off (in the layer menu, icon is near top 
> left) (grouped by when they where made available) :
> http://umap.openstreetmap.fr/fr/map/esov-suivi-epidemie-ebola_6356#10/8.5640/-9.7806

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