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Severin Menard severin.menard at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 13:20:12 UTC 2014


I am currently with Nicolas at the GIS for the UN
<http://gisfortheun.com/> conference
in Geneva, organized by ESRI (for those who do not know nothing about GIS,
it is a kind of Microsoft for GIS softwares - except they work better than
Windows 8 :). Good update about ESRI products and capacities cause I did
not use ArcGIS much (or at all) since 2011. I am definitely an Open source
software fan, but ESRI still remains by far the first GIS software used by
humanitarian organizations and we need to see how to interact with it so
that the OSM data is more (and more) used, what is basically our main goal.
But actually the ESRI workshops will stand tomorrow and the day after to
know how ESRI. Today was more keynotes and kind of speed presenting from
various organizations. Was great to meet people from MapAction and SBTF but
also responders, GIS officers from the UN we meet less and see either their
use of OSM, sometimes massive, or their limited knowledge about it. We
really have a lot to fill on this. Providing more consolidated data is also
a key, as often OSM mixes very precise detailed areas to some others
scarcely mapped. Improving this should clearly one main collective
objective (I talked about it a few weeks ago
and the TM v2 will be a great help.
An opportunity to know more as well about the
http://opendata.arcgis.com/initiative (thanks Mikel for the
suggestion). Adoption of this folder and
approach would allow HOT's humanitarian partners to more easily share
relevant data into OSM.


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