[HOT] M6.1 earthquake shook Nicaragua's capital Managua, no reported (notable) damage -- OSM at epicenter basically unmapped

Jaakko Helleranta.com jaakko at helleranta.com
Fri Apr 11 02:31:38 UTC 2014

Hi all,

*In short:*
Shallow M6.1 quake 60km North of capital of Nicaragua few hours back. Shook
the city, scared people but didn't seem to cause notable damage.
No need for "proper" response.
Regular mapping for e.g. epicenter areas is welcomed.

*In length:*
So I just wanted to notify you all of an earth quake that shook Managua a
few hours ago pretty

 (even thought the epicenter was 60 km away) and seemed to remind at least
some of the 1972 big one. No notable damage however, it seems. Power and
phone service gaps might be the biggest damage.

This won't create a specific need for a response from HOT/OSM. But if
someone feels like giving some Map Love to e.g. the epicenter area, which
is nearly unmapped (except for main roads) that wouldn't hurt.

* The epicenter was around

* We have good Bing coverage there.
* There is also an almost finalized NGA 50k topo maps WMS layer for
Nicaragua that has a lot of information that would be good to get to OSM.
The epicenter area is well covered with the WMS (some other parts of the
country still need some work).

The WMS layer is a result of Pekka "posiki" Sarkola's (OSM active in
Finland, he extracted the maps out of the GeoPDFs) and Mark Cupitt's (in
the Philippines, he created the WMS + his server serving it) helping out --
thanks to both!
It is available at:
... (including the "?" in the end)
When adding the layer choose the only layer that comes up with a query,
accept it, and, Tadaa!

The map is public domain but marking source helps in data quality
assurance/improvement later. The Nicaragua community prefers putting source
tag on objects (to make it easier to understand where specific data comes
from for fine-tuning, etc). e.g. "source=NGA 50k topo maps" is good.

If you use the topo map layer a thing to note is that the railroads visible
on the map are not there anymore (the tracks that is, at least for the most

The NGA locality data (that Severin wrote

 a little little while ago) has not yet been added into OSM in Nicaragua
(at least in many areas including the quake struck).
So, if someone (who's done the conversion(s) before is willing to create a
dataset of that for Nicaragua for adding to OSM that would be great. I and
the Nicaragua community would love to get our hands on that / work on the
actual adding of the data.

I won't be creating TM jobs for now as this doesn't seem to be an acute
situation and we're in the process of working through the whole topo maps
coverage for the country in the near future + the NGA location names db
adding to OSM.

.. who lives in Managua but is currently in DC for the SoTM-US this weekend.

jaakko at helleranta.com * Skype: jhelleranta * Mobile: +505-8845-3391 (Nicaragua)
* Voice(mail) / SMS / What's app: +1-202-730-9778 * http://about.me/jaakkoh
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