[HOT] Looking for maps of Lesotho

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A good ressource for names is from http://earth-info.nga.mil/gns/html/namefiles.htm

You can download the country file for Lesotho.  In a spreadsheet, you can filter to keep only the populated places (ie DSG=PPL).
Then select the following variables, add a place column and save as CSV file.
- FULL_NAME_RG (rename as name)
- add a colum place and give it the value hamlet

 In JOSM, the opendata plugin will let read the csv file.  Using Bing Imagery or other, one important step is to align the Place tag with the villages. The TODO plugin can be used to pass the list of places one by one.


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Dave, OK, we have some TPC Maps already done

Please go to http://disasternet.org and double click on the Show Maps Icon

Then Click on Menu -> Crisis -> TPC and check the area. These maps were downloaded from University of Texas Library so they should e in the Public Domain and Ok to Trace

If of value, I will make he layer available as a wms layer for you to use. It wil take me a couple of days

In the mean time, if you dig any other maps up and can trim georeference them for me, I will make them available as well, I will give you an ftp account where you can upload them. We need them as a GeoTiff EPSG:4326 preferred, with internal overviews, but NOT JPEG Compression (other compression is ok)

BTW, the first time you access these, it will take some time for the tile cache to build, but after that, they should render reasonably quickly

Please let me know




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On Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 12:40 PM, Dave Corley <davecorley at gmail.com> wrote:

>Thanks, I will give them a try. 
>Bounding box is -28.5242, -30.7017, 26.3177, 30.6299

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