[HOT] Glocal (Global/local) in-presence/remote participation to HOT/OSM in HumDev through #sotmus2014

nicolas chavent nicolas.chavent at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 08:06:05 UTC 2014

Hey all,

Harvested this morning from the other shore of the Atlantic sea !
Fresh from the night, already rich and calling for additional inputs,
comments to foster glocal dialogue during SOTMUS 2014 on the HOT project
and OSM in Hum/Dev field,
Hotties, from Washington DC, SOTMUS 2014, room 142, here come the
find the Hackpad from a HOT in presence event (BOF) [1], let's keep the
dialogue up during SOMTUS and fuel/foster our HOT community dialogue


[1] https://hackpad.com/HOT-BOF-SotM-US-CnlzFvBzbVT

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