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Thanks for your work on this. I've installed it on two different 
computers (small laptop screen & one with a much larger desktop screen) 
and given it a thorough work out over the last couple of hours - I like 
it & found it much easier to identify problems with highway tags.

I've added a section to the wiki at 
recommending its use - can you check you are happy with the wording please.

I've also added a couple of requests on github - if someone could look 
at them when convenient I'd be grateful.

Once again, thanks for the work by all involved on this, I think it's a 
real improvement & will be using it from now onwards.



On 13/04/14 09:55, Mark Cupitt wrote:
> To support the Tharparkar HMP and to make Validation of Tiles Easier, 
> we have just released a new JOSM Style. This style is designed to 
> highlight any items that do NOT match the spec proposed by Pierre at 
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Highway_Tag_Africa
> At the Moment, we are focused on Landuse=residential and the highway 
> and surface tags. Any tags used in a specific area that do not match 
> the tags specified, will be highlighted brightly in red, whilst 
> acceptable tags will be muted but still visible.
> Hopefully this will make validation of tags used a lot simpler, but, 
> of course, tiles still have ot be checked for completeness.
> The remainder of the styling is as per the HDM Style and has been left 
> untouched for now.
> The Style was developed from the HOT HDM Style and and the Surface 
> Data Entry Style from AndrewBuck
> This is the first version and it is available for download at
> https://github.com/DisasterNetDOTOrg/HOT-Osm-Validation
> If you find any issues or would like to expand the styles 
> capabilities, please leave an issue on the Git Repository.
> We have also submitted it for inclusion in the JSOM Map Paint Style 
> Wiki so you should be able to download it direct into JOSM
> Regards
> Mark Cupitt
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