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Mon Apr 14 21:14:34 UTC 2014

Hey Julio,

It doesn't quite work that way. Once the task is set up, it's set up. I'll set up a new task and hopefully not kill the tasking manager this time (sorry Drazen!).


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Subject: Re: [HOT] HOT #ChileFire map - Fwd: [info-hotosm] Please add more areas in Valparaíso, Chile Fires

I will modify the polygon (way 274083880 ) for the task accordingly.

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Forwarding additional AOIs passed to the info at hotosm list by Felipe for consideration and action-

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Date: Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 10:19 PM
Subject: [info-hotosm] Please add more areas in Valparaíso, Chile Fires
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Dear HOT Team,

I am a chilean OSM mapper. I saw your tasks around the emergency in Valparaíso but there are a few hills without cover that currently are in fire (I do not know how to say that but I think you can understand it). The places are mainly: Cerro Ramaditas[1], Cerro Rocuant[2] and his street Cuesta Colorada[3]. You can check this for ourselves in National Television of Chile[4] where says "Rocuant, Ramaditas and Cuesta Colorada are in alert due to the propagation of fire in the area.

The emergency in this areas has appeared since yesterday.

Take the time you need to add this areas, but please consider them.

Best regards,


[1] http://osm.org/go/MaJXc6Rdh-?node=2789034799
[2] http://osm.org/go/MaJXaY6H?node=2789051258
[3] http://osm.org/go/MaJXYi3g--?way=25647176
[4] http://www.24horas.cl/nacional/dramatico-rescate-de-hombre-atrapado-por-las-llamas-1180261

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