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Hello Tom,
Stephen Beckett at BBC, Click [<stephen.beckett at bbc.co.uk>]  is putting
together a documentary on the HOT mapping of Lubumbashi where they used
printouts from OSM's request for emergency mapping, and may well be what
you are looking for to show your students.
Hope this helps

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Subject: [HOT] Humanitarian Mapping
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Hello. I am the GIS professor at a small school just southeast of
Pittsburgh,PA called California University of Pennsylvania. I am fairly new
to HOT. My students worked on MapGive as part of their lab.  How much
Humanitarian Mapping is occurring at colleges?  I also think another way to
expand the community would be through educational materials. For example,
it would be great if I could find some examples of how these maps are used
and then I could use these examples in my World Regional Geography class.
The students would not necessarily complete any mapping but they would
become aware of HOT.

Just my two cents
Tom Mueller
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