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The experience with the Heidelberg Univ for the Hayian Typhoon was very interesting. Andrew first gave a video session through Skype. Then, specific tasks were reserved for the Heidelberg Univ.

Other then the contribution for mapping, some students might be interested by the software development aspect. For example; some plugins might be developped for the JOSM editor.

There are various ways to collaborate. The students should not hesitate to come and discuss on this list. For major crisis; it is also interesting to come and discuss with us on the various communication channels we use for the Activation.


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Another university doing work is Heidelberg University in Germany.
There are several professors there who teach OSM in their classes, as
well as do research and statistics about the OSM database and its
contributors.  Pascal Neis, who runs the OSM edit counter pages is the
one there who does the statistics, but I can put you in touch with the
others there if you want.

- -AndrewBuck

On 04/26/2014 05:16 PM, Dale Kunce wrote:
> Tom, The great folks over at George Washington are doing lots of
> stuff with both MapGive and directly with groups such as USAID and
> with the American Red Cross. We, Red Cross, are always looking to
> engage more students and classes in humanitarian mapping. I would
> be happy to share our experience with OpenStreetMap and HOT during
> the Typhoon Haiyan and Guinea Ebola outbreak activations.
> Please feel free to contact me offlist to discuss further.
> Dale

> On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 3:46 PM, AYTOUN RALPH
> <ralph.aytoun at ntlworld.com>wrote:
>> Hello Tom, Stephen Beckett at BBC, Click
>> [<stephen.beckett at bbc.co.uk>]  is putting together a documentary
>> on the HOT mapping of Lubumbashi where they used printouts from
>> OSM's request for emergency mapping, and may well be what you are
>> looking for to show your students. Hope this helps Ralph

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>> Hello. I am the GIS professor at a small school just southeast
>> of Pittsburgh,PA called California University of Pennsylvania. I
>> am fairly new to HOT. My students worked on MapGive as part of
>> their lab.  How much Humanitarian Mapping is occurring at
>> colleges?  I also think another way to expand the community would
>> be through educational materials. For example, it would be great
>> if I could find some examples of how these maps are used and then
>> I could use these examples in my World Regional Geography class. 
>> The students would not necessarily complete any mapping but they
>> would become aware of HOT.
>> Just my two cents Tom Mueller

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