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Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 30 07:44:00 UTC 2014


Work has been moving on V2 of the Tasking Manager, and it's getting closer to be production ready. Let me give a little background on what's happening for those that may have missed it, and then lay out the current deployment plan.

Some months ago, several groups here in DC, that regularly use the OSMTM, expressed interest in funding particular improvements to the code base. This especially after Typhoon Haiyan. Problem was where to direct that interest; there were various branches of the current site, as well as a V2, and a great deal of feedback and feature requests in various places. In discussion with Pierre Giraud, he decided that the best way
 forward would be to focus development on V2, getting it to support all V1 features, and building the new improvements there. V2 for many reasons was a more stable base to build on, and allow us to really open OSMTM to a wider developer community. And additionally, V2 already has gained features not present in V1, like translation.

Additionally, the funding group and HOT representatives had priorities for new implementation, many held collectively, some not, some well defined, some open ended, and all within the realm of relevant for HOT. These priorities were discussed and sorted into a top 10, and development time required assigned to each. That led to a budget, which through various mechanisms, the funding group pooled together to support. I'm happy to say that we have commitments to the entire budget, which has funded a first phase, moving to V2, and will fund a second phase, implementing a set of new features in V2.

The first phase is nearly complete, and we're ready for deployment steps and discussion. A staging instance will be set up on HOT's server. We'll then do a round of feedback with OSMTM admin, users, etc. Urgent fixes can be accommodated. Other suggestions will be documented in GitHub for later attention in the second phase, or for longer term. Once things looks satisfactory to everyone and stable, we'll switch. The current OSMTM will stay up and running for a time on a different URL, since there are some active projects, and we may need to refer to some projects in the archive.

At a later stage, Drazen plans to do a code review, and start working on coding standards for HOT as a whole. Also once launched, we're planning to hold event(s) to announce the new version and give proper public thanks to the supporters of the OSMTM.

Let us know if you have any questions. Pierre Giraud, let me know if I missed anything.
And I'm going to re-send another email now about gathering to discuss OSMTM on Monday at the Tech WG.

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