[HOT] Let's Meet to Coordinate the OSM Tasking Manager

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 30 10:57:12 UTC 2014


The Tasking Manager is simply _critical_ to HOT response in emergencies, and preparedness projects. There has been a lot of coding work recently, Pierre Giraud getting V2 in shape for release. Developers and designers are eager to contribute. Everyone has creative ideas on improvements and new functionality for the OSMTM.

We love the OSMTM :)

But, what HOT has lacked for OSMTM (and all of its software projects honestly) are structured ways to communicate, handle feedback, plan for the future, manage deployment schedule, onboard new developers and designers, etc. 

With all the activity, this seems like the right moment to start to figure this out. All of us who have an interest in the OSMTM should meet soon. What I propose is that we gather at the next Tech Working Group meeting, and once other business has been concluded, we continue into an OSMTM agenda.

On the agenda would be

* The current development of V2 (I will send another email later today detailing where things are at)
* The design and developer CU Boulder student initiative
* Defining a software management process for the OSMTM (ie communication, handling of bug/feature requests, deployment process, documentation, onboarding, etc)

I believe the next HOT Tech WG will be on Monday, May 5, at 17:00 UTC, on #hot IRC. (Drazen please correct me if that's wrong).

Hopefully that works for most of us. Let me know directly if timing is an issue.


ps This is a resend of a message from yesterday that didn't seem to go through to the list, but did end up in the archive. Hope this works.
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