[HOT] 2014 Gaza Strip Follow up

Fred Moine frmoine at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 20:50:20 UTC 2014

Dear All

Since the activation ( Monday 4th of august)  2861 Buildings have been
done, by 35 contributors,

- We will give you some feed back from the field and we will need to
maintain our effort

All the best FredM

Dear all,

For coordinating future interventions and humanitarian assistances, the
Middle East & Near Africa Shelter Cluster in partnership with Terre des
Hommes,   decided to launch the digitalization of Gaza buildings, in close
relation with OpenStreetMap contributors,  based on an imagery of the July
6, 2014.

The results will be essential to fine tune existing UNOSAT damage
assessment and to provide to the humanitarian community a precise baseline
for analysis related to destruction and  population displaced.

The baseline will be completed later on with more exhaustive damage
assessment and results will be available for GIS expert and the
humanitarian organization providing gaza field assistance.
if you want to participle  go to the links :

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