[HOT] Questions about or new to running projects through the HOT Tasking Manager?

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 20:23:43 UTC 2014


As a volunteer mapper who now has occasion to create projects in the
HOT Tasking Manager software, I was glad to learn there is a
development Tasking Manager available for testing creating projects in
the Tasking Manager:


I think you have to ask to be added as a Project Manager, unless you
already were one since the last database dump to the dev server which
doesn't look like it was that long ago, a month or so maybe.

I have to think you can' t leave anything on it you want as it could
get wiped at any time, but none the less I found it comforting to know
I could try out some task square sizes and see what they looked like
for mapping in JOSM without worry I'd have to create another project
to test a different size.

Also, questions about the tasking manager, running a project,
reviewing areas for mapping, targeting mapping to mappers, setting up
your own private tasking manager and just about anything else related
to running a HOT mapping project, please feel free to ask here, irc or
the HOT mumble server. The HOT Mumble server and JOSM GeoChat plug in
are far and away the best combination for reviewing imagery or areas,
but we can work well with any of the avenues.

Just let us know if you have questions (that goes for everyone :)

Don't forget we have forums too:


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