[HOT] sending thank you notes to remote mappers too spammy?

althio forum althio.forum at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 06:36:49 UTC 2014

Sander Deryckere <sanderd17 at gmail.com> wrote:
> The general threshold is, if you can do it manually, it's not spamming.
> If you can't do it manually, I'd propose to publish the message via many
> channels: the diaries/osm blogs, the weekly OSM, the wiki page, ...

I rather disagree Sander, it is not about manual or automatic only.
Many other factors could hold weight here:
- solicited vs. unsolicited,
- requesting something vs. giving something,
- possibility to opt-in / opt-out, ...

Regardless of 'spam' definition; you could do manually a detrimental
communication and automatically a worthwhile one.

Blake Girardot <bgirardot at gmail.com>:
>> I send thank you notes and have had nothing but good responses. I usually
>> include a "let me know if you have any questions" sentence as well.
>> I think people like some personal interaction. If anyone found it "spamy"
>> they never said so to me.

Blake I imagine your thank you note as individual and highly
personalised with dedicated comments, specific feedback and whatnot!
;) What is discussed is certainly on an other scale (more diffusion
and less individualisation).

maning sambale wrote:
>>> I want to send to thank yous to those who joined the Hagupit/Ruby
>>> activation. Normally we say thanks via our local malinglist and HOT,
>>> would sending them a message via OSM messaging considered spam?

In this case I don't think your messages could be considered spam.

Activation start/end events are quite rare.
This is only a thank you note, not proposing or requesting something else.

Note: But it would be even better if people could easily choose to opt-out.

And now my two cents:
I would say go for short OSM messaging + link to a blog entry. And
mention it for weekly OSM.
No for wiki and lists.
I do not see the wiki as useful here for a temporary and fleeting message.
I would see the use of the mailing lists closer to spam because you
would be flooding, not even trying to discriminate who was part and
who was not. A big general 'thank you' on the lists is nice but much
less considerate than making the effort to hand-pick the actual

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