[HOT] Simple address codes for buildings

spatialbits at posteo.net spatialbits at posteo.net
Mon Dec 22 17:56:33 UTC 2014

>>    Actually, this could be beneficial for mapping just about any 
>> feature if
>> the mapper doesn't have a gps, or gps on their phone, or a decent 
>> signal.
>> They could just annotate a feature on their field papers with the 
>> three
>> words and know where to digitize it later.
> You can't do it without GPS geolocation - it wouldn't be able to tell
> you which three words you needed to write down.

Ture, GPS would be needed for the position. However, the codes don't 
come from one big database but from an algorithm. So  navigation or 
mapping could be done offline. The API is just about 10 MB.


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