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Thank you Jaakko, and all!


I agree this is an amazing ‘class’, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.
I’m also pleasantly surprised there are many new members that I have not yet
had the pleasure of meeting, so I look forward to hearing your stories and
hopefully meeting you somewhere down the road.  The quick version of my
story is that I’m a relatively ‘new-hat’, having only barely gotten involved
in OpenStreetMap in 2010.  However, my background is in emergency services
(and GIS) so when SOTM 2011 came to me (Denver, Colorado, USA) I got the
chance to learn about and meet many of the members of HOT.  From there I
started volunteering as a remote mapper, coordinated some local disaster
mapping, and watching the organization grow.  I got another chance to meet
Kate last summer where she convinced me to finally jump all in, so thank
you; and also a big thank you to Severin Menard who last summer selected me
to join him on an amazing trip this fall to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to teach
and coordinate Open(Street)Mapping.  Like I said, the short version; will
try to do a more thorough blog or something soon


I’m honored and humbled to be a part of this organization and can’t wait to
see what we will accomplish,


russdeffner at gmail.com 


Russell Deffner

russdeffner on OSM <http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/russdeffner> 

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Dear all new HOT voting members, FYI all "old" voting members & the HOT
community at large,

I'm happy to announce that the nominations of and elections for new HOT
voting members have resulted in 18 new voting members for HOT! Welcome all!
The new voting members list is below. 


We'll be arranging (first ever) orientations to the new voting members in
the next two weeks to make sure that everyone knows what (all things) HOT
is, how the organization operates and what is the role of voting members.
E.g. we'll be electing a Chair (person) for the organization and a new board
in the coming weeks. But we'll contact you separately on all this. 
.. Should there be "old" voting members who'd like to pitch in to preparing
/ doing the orientations, please get in contact.


So, again, welcome all! And thanks to Boris and Kate for making the
nomination/election process happen.

If you want you're most welcome to reply with a blurb about you and how you
got/are involved with HOT, your HOT story, if you may. I wrote mine at the
bottom for a sort of an example. In fact, thinking about it, I think it
wouldn't be a bad thing is also some (other) old members also feel inclined
to write their HOT story. Good to know who's who in this zoo and where are
people coming from :) . Perhaps we could even post these stories someone
online - under an About us section at our website? Just a thought..

But now: The new voting members of HOT!


New voting member

Amadou Ndong

Andrew Buck

Augustin Doury

Awa Laye Dia

Bass Thiam

Claire Halleux

Dale Kunce

Emir Hartato

François-Xavier Lamure Tardieu

Jorieke Vynche

Maning Sambale

Rafael Ávila Coya

Russell Deffner

Sam Larsen

Samuel Paul Alce

Stéphane Henriod

Will Skora

Yohan Boniface


That is quite an impressive list, eih!?


My "HOT story":
Originally from Finland, moved to the US (DC) over 10 years ago. I got
involved with HOT during the Haiti earth quake of 2010 and when I lived in
Haiti for 3 years. I've done most of my mapping
<http://hdyc.neis-one.org/?jaakkoh>  in Haiti and Dominican Republic and
I've worked in the field with HOT (in Haiti) and pitched into developing
some new projects for HOT. 
Currently living in Nicaragua trying to learn Spanish and getting engaged
with the local mapping community (http://mapanica.net).
HOT is hot because I think that (it's obvious by now that)
Open(Street)Mapping can have a huge positive impact in humanitarian work and
making (economic) development work better. 
http://osm.org/user/jaakkoh & http://about.me/jaakkoh 


What's your HOT story?


With welcoming regards,



 <mailto:jaakko at helleranta.com> jaakko at helleranta.com * Skype: jhelleranta *
Mobile: +505-8845-3391 (Nicaragua) * Voice(mail) / SMS / What's app:
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