[HOT] Point Geometry Buildings in Malakal, S. Sudan

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> > Subject: [HOT] Point Geometry Buildings in Malakal, S. Sudan
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> > I just noticed these in an export - two blocks (obviously from the
> > task manager) in Malakal, South Sudan where every building is included
> > as point geometry (http://flic.kr/p/jPUaoV). I assume it was a wonky
> > import from JOSM. Is it worth reverting, or do we not care since
> > nobody uses the building-point layer anyway?
> I had a look and couldn't see anything in the data to indicate any
> oddities.

Was not made from a wonky import - nothing has been imported for Malakal,
but mistakes from beginners. I use tt send them a message to their OSM user
account and they correct the mistakes.
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