[HOT] Nominations for HOT Chair of the voting members and Board are open

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The dynamism and innovation capacity of the volunteers and contractuals of 
HOT over the last four years have permitted the development of various 
OpenSource softwares, the development of various local 
communities in Haiti, Africa and Asia. We also succeeded to the renforcement of the 
coordination with various international organizations and humanitarian 
NGO's to respond to various humanitarian crisis.

To continue to progress, we should assure that we have a vision of the 
future that is shared by the membership. Our various actions and 
decisions should be respectful of the diversity of the actors both 
internally, among the partners and the various countries we support. We have to asssure internal 
coordination so that the 
volunteered and contractual activities of HOT give us the possibility to respond to our mission with a spirit of neutrality, independance, 
openess and respect of both internal actors and NGO's operating often in very challenging 

For me, it is also essential that the more engaged volunteers have 
the capacity to participate to orientations of HOT. To recognize their 
contribution and to move to a more efficient organization, it is also 
essential to offer them to participate to contractual activities. This 
will let them better 
understand the challenging context of field operations and develop the 
capacity to better respond to the needs of the humanitarian NGO's 
collecting data in such context.

The Haiyan activation in Philippines gave us great exposure. This offers 
very good opportunities of development where various funders show 
interest to collaborate.

But to continue in this direction, 
Governance is a key factor of our organization and the revision of the 
bylaws can contribute to reinforce the basic values of our humanitarian 
organization. To continue to progress while assuring harmony in our 
organization,  we should assure that internal coordination, contractual 
activities and Human Ressources programs be operated with openess and 
ethic. Neither the staff or the Board of HOT should be responsible of  
these activities without openess, control and respect of our basic 

Let's try to revise our bylaw to 
assure that management organization and procedures always assure that 
our values are respected. Let's give also to our partners the confidence
 that we are a solid and ethical organization.



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> Thanks for pointing out these unclear aspects in the bylaws, would be good to modify them so that there is no confusion

Yes, definitely, one of the top priorities for this year will be to address the gaps in the bylaws, to clarify and make them more in line for the kind of organization we wish HOT to be. The Membership Code process and other discussions have brought many items to the surface.

As a start, let's begin by documenting issues in the Bylaws. I've started this wiki page, with some description, and added a single starting issue as a template. Please contribute here!



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On Friday, February 14, 2014 9:37 AM, Severin Menard <severin.menard at gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Russell,
>Thanks for pointing out these unclear aspects in the bylaws, would be good to modify them so that there is no confusion. For the number of board seats, either there is a gold number and then it should be written, or we prefer to have a range and in this case, it should be mentioned what is/are the clear criteria for this. Could be related to the number of members or whatever.
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>>Just a few questions/clarifications,
>>In article 4.2 of the bylaws, it states "The regular Board shall consist of
>>an odd number of directors of no fewer than three (3) nor more than nine (9)
>>directors."; so unless I'm missing an amendment or something agreed upon at
>>a meeting, then there are up to 9 open seats, not necessarily the same 7
>>with expiring term?
>>And, that article 4.4 states any voting member, director, or officer can
>>nominate multiple candidates; so not the same limitation as for nominating a
>>voting member?
>>Phrased as questions in case I'm looking at the wrong/old bylaws or
>>russdeffner at gmail.com
>>Russell Deffner
>>Russell.Deffner at hotosm.org
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>>are open
>>Hi All,
>>I put in a sample record for the nominations(1). I didn't want fear of
>>wiki syntax to get in anyone's way. If you have an issues just let us
>>know and we can help.
>>On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 7:05 AM, Heather Leson <heather at textontechs.com>
>>> HI Jaakko and HOT Friends,
>>> I've written some thoughts about my first year on the HOT Board. Truly, I
>>> want to return and keep helping us grow (If you so elect it to be).
>>> As well, I think this is an important time to consider what does HOT need
>>> from a Board. I've written some thoughts here:
>>> http://textontechs.com/2014/02/on-the-hot-board/
>>> Thank you,
>>> Heather
>>> Heather Leson
>>> heather at textontechs.com
>>> Twitter: HeatherLeson
>>> Blog: textontechs.com
>>> On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 1:17 AM, Jaakko Helleranta.com
>>> <jaakko at helleranta.com> wrote:
>>>> Dear voting members and the community at large,
>>>> Nominations for HOT Chair of the voting members and the Board are now
>>>> at
>>>> .
>>>> Please see below notes on the role of the Chair and Board (clipped from
>>>> prior announcement).
>>>> As for the schedule, we realized that a week slipped through our fingers
>>>> and that we need to push the schedule with one week accordingly so that
>>>> ensure that we have enough time for especially Board nominations and
>>>> possible discussions. Also, the nomination and the election of the Chair
>>>> the Board will happen at the same time (to avoid election fatigue). The
>>>> dates below have been adjusted accordingly.
>>>> (ii) Election of Chair of Voting Members: Nominations (Weeks of February
>>>> 10 and 17), Election (Week of February 24)
>>>> The HOT bylaws section 3.7 note that a Chair shall be elected. This is
>>>> first time that we are selecting one.
>>>> The role of the Chair (as defined by the bylaws) is to announce voting
>>>> members meetings and chair them but s/he also has a potential
>>>> role towards harmfully acting voting members (section 3.6). The term of
>>>> Chair is one year as is that of the Board.
>>>> (iii) Election of the Board: Nominations (Weeks of February 10 and 17),
>>>> Election (Week of February 24)
>>>> All seven seats on the team's Board of Directors are up for election to a
>>>> one-year term. Having a Board with a diversity of skills will help
>>>> the organization.
>>>> Nominations are to be made at:
>>>> http://wiki.osm.org/wiki/Humanitarian_OSM_Team/Board_Elections_2014
>>>> The nomination time of both the Chair and the Board will end at end of
>>>> (midnight) PST, Sunday February 23 (= UTC-8).
>>>> So, please nominate good people for these HOT positions by writing your
>>>> nomination on the above-linked wiki page. The date and time of the Annual
>>>> Meeting will be announced in the coming days.
>>>> With best wishes from the nominations/elections team,
>>>> Boris, Jaakko & Kate
>>>> --
>>>> jaakko at helleranta.com * Skype: jhelleranta * Mobile: +505-8845-3391
>>>> (Nicaragua) * Voice(mail) / SMS / What's app: +1-202-730-9778 *
>>>> http://about.me/jaakkoh
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