[HOT] Nominations for HOT Chair of the voting members and Board are open

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 17 13:45:10 UTC 2014

Hi Cat

Thanks for getting involved and the positive thoughts! Great to increase connections with DHN too.

Just wanted to clarify, there's different notions of "membership" in HOT. In our Bylaws, we have "Voting Members", who go through a nomination process, and have certain defined rights, among them voting for the Board. The greater community of "HOT People" are referred to in the HOT Code of Conduct as "Associates", though we aren't quite happy with that word either. "Members" makes sense as a label for anyone who commits themselves to HOT, but there's confusion with the term "Voting Members", those who take on an additional level of responsibility in the org. Certainly something to look at as well in the Bylaws discussions.

For reference, this is the HOT Code, which all Voting Members will accept, and which HOT Associates are also encouraged to understand and use to guide their actions.
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