[HOT] New Task: Carles Post-Disaster Tracing

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Hello, happy new year 2014

Regarding post disaster assessment and this job 

I have participated to HOT activation right after the event in 
Philippines and we discussed the post disaster and tagging at that time

For me we still need to replace Undamaged buildings by No visible damage 
will be more realistic after a typhoon.

and let building= yes seems ok.

. *typhoon:reviewed=yes*(revision made)
or , *typhoon:reviewed=cloud*(cloud coverage)
. *building=yes*

2 months after I see this job 392 and I have two more questions:

1 - When should we make a post disaster analysis with satellite imagery?

At the beginning of a disaster for sure as we need to know the extent of 
damage and the intensity to set up priority area.

However it is preferable to leave the OSM contributors finish digitizing 
over the most affected areas and let the time for quality control to 
avoid leaving bad digitize objects in OSM database.

And let other more specialized team to do the damage assesment based on 
OSM data (pre image).

As we need good pre and post image to do a damage assessment

And if HOT wants to do some damage assessment so it will go to do it in 
order :

-Completely finish digitizing baseline data to get the most complete 
dataset over the affected areas.

-Then coordinate with agencies performing the damage assessment to 
dispacth areas to fill any gap.

-Creating a Wiki with screenshots and a detailed explanation of the way 
to make this assessment and the use of the tags. (toharmonize digitization)

- You can make a general wiki and adapt according to each situation.

See :

http://hot.openstreetmap.org/about/hot_capacities / Developing Skilled 
Mappers and Community Approach

2 -- Do we need to put all the data on OSM

After such kind of disaster the most important thing for the population 
could be to get back to there original land and keep their property.

So pre building could be useful for that, after to map every tent or idp 
camp is something else especially if we are not maintaining this data in 
the field, the same for damage assessment after 2 months I assume people 
made some assessment in the field.

So we can use this capacity :

http://hot.openstreetmap.org/about/hot_capacities / Building a Local OSM 

To improve the use of OSM with other data base,  as we cannot put all 
the information if we are not update it in OSM. ( we still need to clean 
OSM data in Haiti).
But it is possilbe to increase the use of OSM data for the reconstruction.

And reinforce the use of private data store (?)


it was just two quick questions : )

all the best and good work in the field, all the best FredM

Hi All,

I proposed the switch to a "damage=" tag to this community about a month ago and received a positive response, albeit from few voices. When I brought this up again at SOTM-PH it was also well received. As such I think we should switch to using the "damage=" tagging schema and move away from tagging damages in the building tag.

The rendering on this may lag at the moment but is easy enough to catch up - Yohan has already signaled that he can switch quickly.


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Subject: [HOT] New Task: Carles Post-Disaster Tracing


Wanting to contribute to the post-disaster assessments in Philippines, I read the discussion about tags and rendering. As Pierre's tip about the mapcss was useful for everyone, I added it in the workflow tab in the job I wanted to contribute (http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/360). Would be good to have a defintive statement regarding Jonathan's questions and put it in the workflow as well, so that there is no doubt about the tagging.



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