[HOT] HOT Activation in Central African Republic: review of current progresses

Severin MENARD severin.menard at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 01:43:48 UTC 2014


*I just created a blog post about CAR on HOT website
Please find the text below:*

Thanks to all the contributors who helped finishing mapping
 and Zemio <http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=16/5.0223/25.1273&layers=H> last

I made a *review of the progresses of mapping cities and towns in CAR with
OSM *as well as the potentials. The results are synthesized in this
 If you pass the mouse over the icon with layers and drop on the left side,
then on Browse data, the colors are explained:
- red wine (actually the HOT logo color) for the towns being mapped with
the Tasking Manager
- dark orange for those already mapped
- yellow for those mapped and validated
- red for the 6 prefectures (admin1 capitals) already not mapped, because
so far there was no request to do it, but they may be the next ones to be
- blue are the 3 ones with no high res Bing imagery, so currently they
cannot be mapped on OSM

The blue areas are a layer I created in order to get the *high res Bing
imagery cover over the country*, so that everyone interested by the OSM
data for CAR knows the current limit for the remote tracing over imagery.

If you click on any icon, it will give you access either to the Tasking
Manager to contribute to the mapping, or to the HOT Exports service to
download the data in various GIS formats. The OSM wikipage for
CAR<https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Central_African_Republic> is
up to data and provide the same accesses, as well as an Export job covering
the whole country and the areas around, as Southern Chad where refugee
camps have been mapped last year during the EUROSHA

Next activities are:

- access to recent imagery to *map the IDP camps*
- in the meantime, *continuation of mapping towns and cities affected by
violences on Bing Imagery*. I make sure there is always one featured job in
the Tasking Manager, as for South Sudan. Maybe we will increase this once
the remaining jobs for the Philippines are done
- *validation/correction of achieved Tasking Manager jobs*. This is really
valuable for the humanitarian organizations that will use the OSM data, but
actually it takes time and I would need some experience mappers to join,
- starting again the import of UNICEF data about Health, Education and
Water facilities
- finishing the* review of roads that are still to be mapped, as well as
the villages extent along and their names*


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