[HOT] HOT Tech WG Meeting X+5

Dražen Odobašić dodobas at geoinfo.geof.hr
Tue Jan 14 13:50:17 UTC 2014

Tech WG IRC meeting X+5: Summary

  * fixed gray problem with DEM in the HDM style

  * some old postings on the hot.osm don't display the images correctly, working
on that
  * she can spend some time in setting the site up to be multilingual. Starting
with French, but also allowing other languages in future
  * requires help of a person who will do the translation of the relevant bits
of text
  * proposes to update (hot.osm) Get Involved page with more technical details
about each project developed by HOT, so that potential contributors can easily
see if they can work with specific technology stack

  * will try to tweek hdm-josm style in the coming weeks,  as there are a few
hanging issues for the HDM-JOSM and HDM-carto, but none of them are critical.

  * Dakar french translation sprint of LearnOsm in november. Intermediate and
advanced sections are now available. See http://learnosm.org/fr/.
  * Restructuration of the english version was started but not announced on HOT
  * we are still faced with LearnOsm and Github issues for Translators : No
progress made and no easy solution to upload images. Neither Github or Prose.io
offer to upload images via the web
  * announces that OsmContributorStatistic module is now available on github :
https://github.com/pierzen/osm-contributor-stats. It provide historic statistic
for bbox and dates.
  * reports an interesting statistic, comparing Haiti and Haiyan response:
    * Haiti 2010 - first 10 days, 304 contributors, 600k edits
    * Haiyan 2013 - first 11 days, 1200 contributors, 3mil edits

  * would like to see development version of TMv2 back online to test its new
  * wonders if TWG is going to help with TMv2 development
  * proposes to somehow prioritize or vote on the projects issues to give
potential developers a clear goal

  * volunteers to keep TWG wiki page updated
  * reports that at the moment there is no apparent load on amelia, after main
web site migration
  * will try to get TMv2 dev version up an running (best to scrap current
instance, and start over)
  * concerned about too many active TMs, specifically tasks.hotosm.org and
    * can we somehow merge data from tasks2 to tasks... once we migrate tasks
from Amazon to amelia, or just discard it ?
  * proposes that we should  write better documentation per project, i.e. create
a 'how to help' section for each project that would at least contain links to
the documentation of the modules/libraries that the project is using, and
prepare coding guidelines
  * proposes to advertise/advocate HOT project in the local Python user
meetings/Hackathons/... (once we have create 'community participation'

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