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Hi Clara,

Regarding the translations, I translated into French my last blog post in
English about HOT Activation in CAR, that was posted on Jan 13. I thought
it would add a new tab to the original post, but it actually created a new
post dated Jan 18, though both of them have a link to go to the other one.
I would just like to know if this is how it was designed.



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> Hi
> On 01/23/2014 04:56 PM, Heather Leson wrote:
> > 1. we could we set this up on transifex and ask the larger community to
> > help translate? To ensure quality, the community (thanks for all the
> lovely
> > offers) to be editors and review it.
> There is a Drupal module that provides a box at the bottom of the page
> where contributors can straight away add the translation for _interface_
> texts. That's also easy to extend for additional languages in future, or
> if a new menu item or so comes up later.
> Translating 'static' (like 'Get involved') and project pages, as well as
> blog posts can also be done on the site directly, in a workflow that
> leaves them unpublished until an editor reviews and then publishes them.
> There also is version control for content that can be enabled, and that
> will also add a note in the admin interface if a translation on the
> website might be outdated, because the original text got edited.
> The access permissions can be set up so that translators can't
> accidentally change the original text.
> The same goes for blog posts and updates.
> > 2. set it up on github - see opendataday.org. Folks are editing the
> content
> > and submitting pull requests.
> All in all, I find it usually easier to keep all content on the site
> instead of adding another layer of abstraction.
> greetings
> clara
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