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I also think that this is a fantastic proposition.  What do you think if we would try to cover various parts of the world that are neglected in OSM. We could prepare a serie of Tasks in the Task Manager and invite people to contribute to these in this 24 hours. This way, we would see the progress and the participation.  And why not, Pascal Neis could prepare a Statistic page to follow this ? :)


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¡Hola Óscar! 
I'm interested and will definitely join the #notlm! I am passing this forward to my fellow HOTties and Nicaragua mappers to see who else from these (sub)communities would be interested to join. 

As for the Nicaragua mapping party that was mentioned in the email to talk-es, it seems that we're having the mapping party on February 22. However, I've checked that it's ok that we can use our regular base for OSM activities here in Managua also for #notlm. 
Has there been any discussion on what could be possible target "projects" or mapping areas for the night? I'd go a step ahead to that and welcome participation to both our OSM Nica efforts to get the mapping of Nicaragua ahead more broadly (there are still a number of towns and a whole bunch of villages completely mapped) and of course participate in tracing HOT's Task Manager jobs for humanitarian mapping. .. For anyone who'll be participating and hasn't used the Tasking Manager I'll be happy to provide remote guidance.
I'd also like to suggest a joint voice (+text) hangout for the event using the wonderful Mumble system that HOT has been testing with good results. It's installed on a HOT server and can be accessed with instructions available here: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mumble . I'll be happy to support those that need help getting started with Mumble and my fellow (native Spanish) Nica mapper Eduardo "mayorgatellez" can help anyone who prefers help in Spanish.

Look forward to this!
Saludos de Managua,
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Hello community, 
>Since a few weeks, the people of Burgos-Spain (@osmburgos) and Cochabamba-Bolivia (@osmcbba) we had in mind to organize a virtual global party.
>We remember about "the Night of the Living Maps" https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk/2012-January/061793.html and we would like to resume the event two years later. The day 07/Feb/2014 is Friday so we can stay midnight or later in front of the screen ;-)
>We explained our idea at the spanish list https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-es/2014-January/012122.html and we would like to know what do you think about this idea before launch it.
>It would be a great opportunity to promote OSM.
>If you are agreed with it, a good hashtag would be like the another time: #notlm
>At the end of all excuse me if I don't express well myself in English.
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