[HOT] Introduction

Alexander W. Janssen alexander.janssen at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 08:24:49 UTC 2014


I'm new to this list and I wanted to give a shout and say Hello. I'm
using OSM now for... uh, frankly, I don't remember, but I only started
mapping a few years ago. I mostly do it in my vacations and create
GPS-tracks during my hikes. Ever since I can't walk very good any
more, I started to improve maps in my area - mostly in the suburbs
where streets are correctly mapped, but houses and their addresses are

I just stumbled upon HOT; I immediately liked the idea and started
working on some Ebola Outbreak tasks.

That's also why I'm writing this email, I have a few questions.

1) Imagery isn't that good - at least not for most the tasks I was
randomly assigned too - and I'm having a hard time finding the
proper... quality expectation. When imagery is bad I try at least
drawing big waterways (as areas/multipolygons) using Landsat or
MapBox. I don't quite think that the actual result is that good. What
is best practice here - do it anyway so that at least basic
information is available or just leave it alone?
2) When I get assigned to a task which looks pretty complete when it
comes to villages, houses, streets and the such, I draw farmlands and
forests. From my point of view - when I go to remote areas - I like it
when the map gives me a basic idea about how the landscape looks like.
However, the validation process takes longer. Should I continue
drawing these areas or just skip it?
3) Especially regarding the tasks "Ebola Outbreak, Sierra Leone,
Kailahun district": It says I should comment the changeset with
"source=DigitalGlobe/Mapbox" - however, that imagery is either non
existent or not that good - Landsat (and Spot, where available) give
much better results. In JSOM I generally just say "fetch sources from
active layers". I guess I'm doing it right...?

Alex. (user yalla)

The best thing about procrastinating is you can do it NOW and ANYTIME.

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